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How to Connect Amazon Alexa Echo to WIFI?

To Do Connect Amazon Alexa Echo To WiFi 


  1. 1. Download Alexa app from the google app store. You can go https//alexa.amazon.com to download Alexa app & sign in your Amazon Alexa account. If you're not logged in click log in. if you have not account then create a new account.



2. Plug in and turn on your Alexa Echo Device. Wait, until when the echo's light to turn orange. Press and hold down the action button on the Alexa Echo device for few seconds.  Select your echo device from the list of on Alexa echo devices and connect echo to WiFi network. Add your language to your echo device.


3. Alexa is ready to answer your questions. You can ask for Alexa about news,
weather, location, watch movies, listening to music and many more.